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Our selection of sneakers and clothing is a reflection of what we would wear or what we believe would be a good fit in someone else's wardrobe. Our products are curated so you don't have to go through 100s of other stores. 

We offer a marketplace for sneakers and clothing, meaning some of the items on this site are provided by independent owners.

Our team has 10+ years experience authenticating and checking the quality of each item. All of the items sold via our store are authentic and are in good quality, any QC issues or flaws to an item will be listed in the description of the product.



We split the conditions of our items into 3 categories;

  • "Brand New" meaning they have never been worn and are in the original condition.
  • "Lightly Used" meaning they have been worn carefully and could almost pass as brand new.
  • "Used" is for all the other items that we deem not lightly used but still have plenty of life left.

All used items have been cleaned and sanitised before they are listed for sale.




We have a strong selection of vintage, collectible and hard-to-find items available to purchase. All these items are 5+ years old and while 5 year old items are not usually classified as "vintage", sneakers can have a shorter life span than clothing or furniture and the wearability can deteriorate depending on then specific product and how it was stored, worn etc.
These items should be purchased for restoration, nostalgic or display reasons as we can not guarantee the wearability of these item.
We offer a free shrink wrap service for all of our collectible items, this is beneficial if you are looking to store them for a longer period or display them. 

If you would like any more details or photos and before purchasing please contact us.

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